EQUiTOR is a boutique firm that is influential beyond its size. Being influential requires us to be collaborative, multi disciplinary and accountable for impact.

Our people bring with them varied professional skills, ranging from accountancy to design. Despite the diversity, there are four values common to these bright and talented professionals; they are all tenacious, provocative, whole brained and empathetic.

Ramesh Jude Thomas

Ramesh (RJT) introduced Brand Value management as a strategic business tool to Indian Industry. Amongst his key professional contributions is having led India’s first known Strategic Brand Valuation which was for Titan Industries Ltd., followed by the valuation of the TATA brand. He is a prolific writer, having contributed a viewpoint to almost every major newspaper and business magazine on the theme of “Intangibles/ Brands as Business Assets”. RJT is also an avid marathoner and music enthusiast. At EQUiTOR, he plays the role of a mentor nudging us to be a better version of ourselves each day.

Nappina Sampath

Nappina Sampath was trained to be a textile designer, which she did for a living before she found herself at EQUiTOR where she directs the future of client engagements. While she revels in the variety of categories and challenges that she deals with for entrepreneurs and executive committees alike, her strongest suit is her ability to extract maximum value from the imagination of her fellow human being.

Her driving passion is reading about and travelling to strange locations with a story to tell.

Siddhartha Goutam

Living upto his name, Siddhartha is a calm and peace loving person whose day job involves managing client responses. His many years of experience in managing corporate banking relationships have helped him understand organisations, people and financial due diligence. Before banking, Siddhartha was seen taking Chartered Accountancy exams. This was before the lure of an MBA had its way. If not in the office, Siddhartha can be seen consuming books and biriyani.

Ekta Das

Ekta works in the most demanding team at EQUiTOR-Client Delivery. Thanks to her stints in banking operations she is seldom in short supply of time and anxiety management. If she wasn’t at EQUiTOR, one might have seen her as classical singer performing on stage.

Narmadha Kumar

Narmadha manages obligations and compliances at EQUiTOR. Her 11 years of experience in banking, has instilled in her an eye for detail that she brings to her work at EQUiTOR.

G. Ajay Row

Ajay Row is an entrepreneurial business leader with 30 years of experience in data-driven marketing, loyalty, analytics and CRM across a variety of industries and a number of countries. He launched the first CRM, loyalty and database marketing programs in this part of the world and has since implemented programs across some 65 countries globally while building several companies and case studies along the way. He is presently the Managing Partner of The Row Partnership and advisor to the board of EQUiTOR.