I’ve had the privilege of interacting with EQUiTOR both as a client and as an associate – which has given me a ringside view of its methods.EQUiTOR’s approach to business consulting is refreshingly simple – a robust process guarantees a robust result. In my tenure with EQUiTOR, here are some of the things I discovered about this company:

  • A deep conviction in any client’s business, a great obsession with identifying the core of it, articulating strengths and building on it, identifying new opportunities – EQUiTOR’s processes ensure that this is a way of life.
  • A keen ability to overlay qualitative information with quantitative data, that often brings up unexpected and lateral perspectives.
  • EQUiTOR is one of the few companies I have worked with that uses common sense, life observations, and a connect with people, as its basic ingredients for consulting. 
  • It lays great importance in establishing an environment that creates process-owners within the client company, and  believes that this is the only way to innovation and long-term.” – Shivaraj Subramaniam – Director, Corporate Marketing & Consumer Practices, Madura Fashion and Lifestyle


“Working with EQUiTOR has allowed me to augment my brand management and strategy development skills with a whole new tool kit”Gaurav BahirvaniCo Managing Partner, Simple Simon


“Other than the fact that EQUiTOR had a bunch of good, honest, intelligent individuals I also liked it because it was a huge test intellectually. You could put in a big effort and still find that your boss was three steps ahead but was willing to help you move ahead. At times the struggle to catch up was frustrating but it taught the value of mental discipline, rigor, hard work and research. Importantly it taught one not to be overawed by others qualifications, the company that they work in or their designation but to trust in your self and the quality of your ideas. Other than branding – the myriad things discussed during lunchtime – random insights or trivia of life debated – have at some time or the other found relevance directly or indirectly in understanding a consumer perspective or a situation better”Kartikeya Kompella – Author & Direct Marketing Expert


“I spent two years with EQUiTOR and thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent there. It offered me opportunities to develop the usual skill sets necessary to contribute significantly as part of project delivery team. But most importantly it enabled me to understand businesses in a completely different light – beyond the usual business jargon. EQUiTOR changed the directions of my career and my life” –              Sowmya Venkataramani- Head of Market Research, Micromax


“At EQUiTOR I learned to think beyond my skills and job profile and venture to do more. It is important to believe in yourself naturally but often it helps if someone else teaches you to believe in yourself”Vinitha K – Assistant General Manager – EPG Operations, TataSky Limited