Current Openings

Position: Associate – Project Management

Location: Bangalore

You will be a part of the Project Delivery Team and would work closely with the Project Manager closely on the following activities:

Information Management:

  1. Designing the overall engagement in terms of delivery
  2. Collecting data from Clients/Markets/Consumers with accuracy, comprehensiveness and timeliness
  3. Ensuring quality of research data
  4. Engaging with Clients, Consumers, Industry Experts and Industry Associations for gathering insights as per the requirements of the project
  5. Data Analysis

Vendor Management:

  1. Briefing all relevant vendors (Research agencies, Database partners).
  2. Monitoring and ensuring smooth completion of all outsourced requirements

Project Management:

  1. Generating documents (presentation decks, review documents, reports) with an eye for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
  2. Ensuring that projects runs to schedule
  3. Documentation related to agenda, timelines and minutes

Workshop Management:

  1. Timely preparation of content related to workshop. resourcing and overall management of the workshop
  2. Preparation and production of workshop collaterals
  3. Co-ordination between all participants, vendors, client and EQUiTOR


  1. Ensuring the completion of contracting between EQUiTOR and client
  2. Co-orination with finance team to ensure timely raising of invoices and collection of cash

What we want from you:

If you are a curious, self-motivated individual and have 18-24 months of experience in Research and/or Consulting, we are for you

If you think you fit, write to us at