Your brands are business assets

  • How do we know the independent contribution of our brands to the value of the organization?
  • Can we financially isolate our brand’s ability to drive demand & protect pricing? Can we use this understanding to increase volumes and value?
  • Can we securitize debt or price an IPO by putting a value to all our assets, including intangible ones?
  • Can brand valuation support licensing arrangements?

Your brands are business pivots

  • Can we serve our customers better by being singular about our offering?
  • How do we begin to define an organisation that is not entirely dependent on its leadership?
  • What is the character of the organisation that needs to be preserved?

Your brands are Blue Ocean™ vessels

  • Can our brands help us achieve disruptive growth?
  • Can we use the strength of the brand asset to re-define the boundaries of the business?
  • Can the brand enable us to dream of a future in which the business is many times its current size?
  • How can the momentum and margins of the business be higher as a consequence of using the brand to drive strategy?

Your brands are business organizers

  • Can we get everyone in the organisation to represent the brand and its drivers?
  • Can we communicate both internally and externally in one voice?
  • Is it possible for us to tighten and sharpen branding and communications’ briefs?