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EQUiTOR Value Advisory Services

Value Recognition
Value Recognition :
Brand Audit

Accessing the daily, material impact of your brand on business metrics like customer acquisition, trade partners, working capital cycles).

Brand Valuation

Arriving at the Economic Value of your brand(s) as(an) independent contributor(s) to value creation.

Driver Analysis

Isolating the key drivers that render your brand valuable. These are the proprietary characteristics that are basis of your business relationships.

Business Impact Management

Unlocking value focus the brand asset through disruption in business planning or process alignment.

Value Recasting:
Adopting Value drivers

Articulating and appropriating your winning traits as a brand. Those timeless market agnostic characteristics that define who you are. “COVERAGE, CONSCIENCE, COMPASSION”

Drawing up V2.0

Recasting the boundaries of your business around your brand’s winning traits. Creating Brand V2.0 “SOLUTIONS FOR A SMALL PLANET”

Defining Purpose

Distilling the V2.0 picture into a single timeless statement of purpose. “ANYONE CAN BE AN ATHLETE”

Brand Architecture

Rationalizing the value relationship between the Group brand, Company brand, SBU brand, product brand and between-product brand. “ANY NEW OFFERING FROM MY STABLE SHOULD NEITHER CONFUSE NOR DILUTE THE BRAND FOR ANY STAKEHOLDER”

Blueprinting V2.0

Clearly defining, sloping & allocating specific change imitations that will breathe life into Brand V2.0. “HOW DOES MY PRODUCT PORTFOLIO, DISTRIBUTION OR COMMUNICATION CHANGE TO MAKE V2.0 A REALITY”

Value Recognition
Value Unlocking
Business Planning

Creating a granular set of assumptions, risks and mitigation that defines the monetization journey to V2.0. Including revenue, costs and capital.

Internal Alignment

Internal Communication & workshops to ensure complete convergence on the clarity & singularity of V2.0.


Making the necessary adaptions in the orchestra, to align its functioning to the V2.0 journey

Dashboarding V2.0

Creating & running a set of customized monthly metrics to keep the V2.0 on track.