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Ramesh (RJT) introduced Brand Value management as a strategic business tool to Indian Industry. Amongst his key professional contributions is having led India’s first known Strategic Brand Valuation which was for Titan Industries Ltd., followed by the valuation of the TATA brand. He is a prolific writer, having contributed a viewpoint to almost every major newspaper and business magazine on the theme of “Intangibles/ Brands as Business Assets”. RJT is also an avid marathoner and music enthusiast. At EQUiTOR, he plays the role of a mentor nudging us to be a better version of ourselves each day.
Ramesh Jude Thomas
Managing Director
Ekta oversees the overall operations at EQUiTOR. Previously she has worked in banking operations and consulting where she managed high expectations from clients from across the globe. With a minute eye for detail and natural inclination towards method and order she leads a team of highly motivated commandos. If she wasn’t at EQUiTOR, one might have seen her as classical singer performing on stage.
Ekta Das
Chief Operating Officer
Siddhartha’s natural curiosity has led him to identifying new ideas and defining the standards to enrich the consulting practice at EQUiTOR. His passion involves putting a financial value to brands and identifying the myriad ways in which brands create value for a business. His previous role as a corporate banker has helped him get an insider view of multiple industries, organizations, people and financial due diligence. A bibliophile by choice he spends his free time around books.
Siddhartha Goutam
Chief Knowledge Officer
For Rona, interacting with humans is the last thing she’d like to do. This is counterintuitive when you consider that her itch is to find outthe secrets of individuals. She plays a pivotal role in our client-facing team despite her obvious overpowering internal conflict. After work, Rona is closer to books and further away from anything that’s breathing.
Rona Sara George
Associate Consultant
Jonhan’s drive of trying to understand how simple things can be powerful, makes him a great addition to our consulting team. His knack for finding out stories from conversations has helped create compelling stories. Jonhan likes to learn music and play football. If you ask him a question, the length of his answer will soon make you regret it. It is said that Twitter put a word limit after Jonhan’s 1st tweet.
Associate Consultant
Pavithra’s love of traveling rises out of her drive toward seeing new places and connecting with new people. She has been pivotal in putting together the current team at EQUiTOR through her role as the HR, though her careful eye has always been more on whose treats are pending. After work, she likes to spend her time pursuing her interest in crafts and artwork.
Pavithra V
Manager - Human Resource
Rajesh’s natural curiosity towards trends and insights makes him an invaluable addition to the consumer research division. His eye for detail and understanding of numbers have resulted in unearthing some of the biggest blindsides for several customers. Rajesh is also an investor in the stock market and likes to sketch in his free time. The jury is still out on his investment skills.
Rajesh R
Research Manager
A combination of extrovert-ism and knowledge (only surface) about many things makes Tarun a great fit to manage EQUiTOR’s external affairs. With his proclivity towards telling long-winded stories, he helps in creating narratives around EQUiTOR’s work for both internal and external audiences. After work, Tarun can be found going on long road trips or going on and on in bars for no good reason.
Tarun Chakaraborty
Abraham’s love for value engineering and building relationships brings a uniquely structured approach to his work which involves dealing with the most demanding clients of EQUiTOR. His energy and enthusiasm are a welcome addition to the team. Music fests and dance floors are where you can find Abraham after work. Internally he has been voted the ‘loudest mouth in 20 years’ here at EQUiTOR.
Abraham Puthussery Lukose
With her background in psychology and journalism, Ranee is the perfect addition to the marketing team. She’s had a successful stint running her own business of making plannersand now spends her days creating content and mapping audiences. She is one of the fastest learners and voracious dog petters here at EQUiTOR. Outside of work, she can be found testing different recipes and trying not to burn the house down.
Ranee Chatterjee
Associate - External Engagements
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