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Meet Our Team
Our Management Team
Meet the Team
Ramesh (RJT) introduced Brand Value management as a strategic business tool to Indian Industry. Amongst his key professional contributions is having led India’s first known Strategic Brand Valuation which was for Titan Industries Ltd., followed by the valuation of the TATA brand. He is a prolific writer, having contributed a viewpoint to almost every major newspaper and business magazine on the theme of “Intangibles/ Brands as Business Assets”. RJT is also an avid marathoner and music enthusiast. At EQUiTOR, he plays the role of a mentor nudging us to be a better version of ourselves each day.
Ramesh Jude Thomas
Ekta oversees the overall operations at EQUiTOR. Previously she has worked in banking operations and consulting where she managed high expectations from clients from across the globe. With a minute eye for detail and natural inclination towards method and order she leads a team of highly motivated commandos. If she wasn’t at EQUiTOR, one might have seen her as classical singer performing on stage.
Ekta Das
Siddhartha’s natural curiosity has led him to identifying new ideas and defining the standards to enrich the consulting practice at EQUiTOR. His passion involves putting a financial value to brands and identifying the myriad ways in which brands create value for a business. His previous role as a corporate banker has helped him get an insider view of multiple industries, organizations, people and financial due diligence. A bibliophile by choice he spends his free time around books.
Siddhartha Goutam
Narmadha manages Human Capital at EQUiTOR. Her 11 years of experience in banking, has instilled in her an eye for detail that she brings to her work at EQUiTOR.
Narmadha Pitchukumar
Manager - Human Capital
Sharon’s expertise lies in helping companies achieve a bigger and different future. She currently manages the most demanding team at EQUiTOR. She has worked across diverse industries like media, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, infrastructure, manufacturing and travel. She is an avid trekker and loves to travel in her free time.
Sharon Daniel
Head client Engagements
Amarjeet brings over 7 years of project management experience across multi-national companies and start-ups to the table. His strengths include the ability to plan and execute activities with creativity and specificity. An engineer by training in his free time Amarjeet can be found making presentations on why Kolkata Biryani is better than it’s Hyderabadi counterpart
Amarjeet Ghatak
Senior Project Manager